Saturday, 23 July 2016

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

Brand new Subcouture came out in the Plaza yesterday, and it really does feel like a while since the last release, so I'm very much welcoming this one =) I love the retro disco vibe from the homepage advert, I think it seems quite appealing and different to other stores we've had in the plaza!
I love the whole feeling of this release, I think the gold and glittery interior definitely boosts it a little in my opinion of it^ There were two floors to this release, although only 11 looks - I quite like that it's not all too crowded in the store and it really lets you get a better look at the pieces rather than everything being packed together, so this is a good point I'd say =) And I do think there's a fair mix of styles and pieces available, so there's most likely something for everyone in this release. I do really feel like Subcouture releases are improving with each one so that's great!
As usual, starting with the accessories. There's a small range to choose from in both the shoe and bag categories with quite a difference in styles between pieces. With the shoes there are two pairs of heels and a pair of boots. Of the heels I fell immediately for the Blue Suede Sandals with such a pretty tone of blue, I always love a good pair of blue heels and I think many others will too. There's also the Gold Heel Platforms, I do like gold, but these platforms aren't so much for me - they're just a shoe style that I wear less than others although from my suite search, these are one of the more popular pieces from the collection. Lastly the Luxe Burgundy Boots, and luxe really is a word I would use to describe them! The colour and design are great and I think they make a perfect autumn piece^ Of the bags there are also three pieces in very different trends, perfect for summer is the Pleather Fringe Woven Bag and I really like that fringing detail, I think the material use makes all the difference in making it a unique piece. Alike the shoes there's also a blue addition in the Vintage CC Denim Bag, I quite like this, but I haven't stumbled across anyone styling it, it's on my 'maybe' list right now, with positives definitely being colour and the way the strap is held in the hand. And lastly in the bags is a cross-body, the Subcouture Studded Bag. It's quite large for the typical cross-body pieces, so that might be a little offputting for some people, but the gold edging looks great - you just need to decide if it's a piece for you! There's not too many other accessories available with this release. There is one necklace, the Geometric Statement Necklace which I quite like but again am unsure about and haven't seen anyone styling - maybe I should give it a go in a styled outfits post and try and sell it to you guys as something that is a good piece despite it not getting much coverage of the items! And then there's also a belt, the Padlock And Chain Belt which although isn't something I would get use out of, I know some of you guys will work to perfection =D
And then the better part, the clothing! I feel like there has been one extremely popular piece in this release, and it's almost like every other clothing item has been a little forgotten about - that is the Valentino Style Sunshine Dress, and I won't lie, I love it too, it has great colour, shape and design, I can easily see why it's popular, but that doesn't mean I don't love other items too! So there are three other dresses that you can choose from with this release and they're all very different to each other. If you're wanting something a little more to stand out then you'd want to choose the Sheer Stars Gown which really is quite fantastic with all those glorious golden stars - but if that's maybe a little too over the top you can still stick with gold, albeit a little more minimal with the Gold Mesh Mini which surprised me by being one of my favourite items of the whole collection! Lastly there's a super minimal dress in the Lanvin Inspired Burgundy Dress. For me it's just an 'ok' piece and doesn't really stand out as something I'd want to purchase, the colour is fab though! Then there's the Gold Spot Jumpsuit, another of my favourite pieces with a great design in the metallic polka dots but it does have a great fit on the doll with a nipped in waist, a small crop of the leg and a flattering halterneck neckline - I don't see what's not to love^ There are a good range of bottomhalf pieces with this collection with trousers, skirts and a pair of shorts. I'll start by saying I'm not such a fan of the Knotted Leather Shorts, they just seem a little out of place with some of  the great items in this release, as with the Burgundy Mesh Skirt, it's just something I can easily pass over in the collection and looks like it would be suited to one of the more regular plaza stores. I do however very much love the inclusion of two pairs of great trousers with this collection - I can't even pick a favourite between the Gold Detail Printed Trousers and the Altuzarra Inspired Trousers! They are both high waisted in a wide-leg style and just fit right in with a lot of the pieces in my wardrobe, perfect for me =D And of course there are tophalves to match these, and again with a good range of styles, a really good range I'd say this time! My top picks include the Knotted Denim Shirt which is a great casual piece from this collection, the Contrast Zip Blouse which has a stylish sheer effect and beautiful flowing sleeves and a gold trimmed deep-V neckline, and the High Slit Long Top which could easily be used as a dress, as either it's a great summer choice and the deep grey tone is lovely for it. Lastly a quick outerwear mention, there are two pieces, the Burgundy Cardie Coat and the Fringed Subcouture Jacket. The first would be great for autumn, like the Luxe Burgundy Boots, but I find myself majorly preferring the second, the shape is great and the fringing isn't too much or overwhelming for the piece.
Prices of this release range from 14 to 45SD's. Some pieces did seem quite pricey for what they were, and when I chose the 5 items I wanted most, the total was almost 150SD's which is quite an expense - that makes this store one you really need to be sure about before buying anything when you're working on a budget!
My styled outfits are next, and I've just quickly put together three of the items I bought. Firstly the Fringed Subcouture Jacket which I've worn in a pretty casual manner with a large sweater and matching grey fitted cropped trousers, the style of which matches the jacket pretty well, but I liked the contrast with the casual-ness. I'm looking forward to trying more with this fringing though. Secondly the Gold Spot Jumpsuit which I found could easily be worn as a top or trousers with the right additions, but I quite liked it in this more minimal style to really let the piece get some limelight. Super easy styling choosing other gold and black pieces, I particularly like this hairstyle with this look actually! Lastly I've styled the Gold Detail Printed Trousers in quite a typical-me look, a black top seemed the obvious choice but I like the colour contrast with this beige overcoat which makes it seem a little more summery. Accessorising was again an easy thing by going with gold - can't go wrong =D
And two features from this collection both with the, by far, most popular item, the Valentino Style Sunshine Dress! Firstly is GirlAlmighty666 who has also used the Altuzarra Inspired Trousers in a cute cropped manner - I like the pairing of the mustard colour and the floral pattern, it's something different!
And secondly Mia1435 who has worn it as a classic dress and added some of her own layering with a white underlayer - I like it, and it's a different contrast to the darker tone of the trousers in the look above, and the layer has been paired with these white trousers. This mustard colour is a great fit for the magenta bag, such an ingenious use of this piece, and matching lip colour^^

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