Friday, 18 April 2014

Tress Up - Review!

Stardoll has just presented us with a brand new Tress Up collection - I'm quite happy with the pretty regular releases for these as generally the team actually do pretty well with the designs and filling a space in the Stardoll hair department!
So we have two floors, with prices ranging from 11 to 20SD's, which personally I don't find too bad, they're about the same as past collections have been. The one thing I think some people may complain about is no SC hairstyle, but that's life, we all get it by now - you pay the membership or for SD's and you get the perks!
I had originally picked out numerous ones to buy and when I saw the 200SD total, I redid a bit of my thinking and ended up only buying 6 after making some, what I hope to be, wise decisions!
Personally I'm a pretty good fan of this collection, I feel like they fit the niche with a couple of the styles, for example the Nina Hair (shown in top image below) - I think that's gonna be a popular one, a lot of people look for a short style that looks great and I think this one provides just that! But I do like several others and a couple of the ones I bought are shown below =)
So what did you guys think of the release? Get anything good/that you were looking for? =D

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  1. Well i am a huge fan of the Nina hair and the Gone with the wind hair, unfortunatly i cannot buy any of them since i am broke. :(