Tuesday, 1 April 2014


So last week came the second collection of Subcouture! I wasn't a fan of the first collection at all, in my opinion it didn't look great and nothing really worked on my doll, it all looked a bit too plastic-y for me, so finding out there would be another collection put my mind on the fence - would it be improved, or would it bear similarity to the last one? Thankfully it was a great step up:
We had one floor packed with pretty dresses, shoes and bags, and I really feel they tried to cater for a whole range of styles. I do think I'm quite picky with style and even I managed to buy several (or most of the) items! I also think they made good choices with the designer items they chose to include, you can check out some of the real versions here at our partner blog, Stardoll RealBrands =) And I also think for a designer based store, the prices weren't really that bad or outrageous, I expected them to be more - prices ranged from about 10SD for accessories and up to 30SD for dresses, and some of them are pretty great and versatile, so for me they are worth the price, however when I'll wear some is another questions, I hardly wear some of the dresses I have so I really didn't need to purchase any more for my closet! Haha - oh well =) 
This collection also had two limited dresses (haven't pictured them above as I was just on my iPad when I got the dresses, and it's not really screenprinting quality!) - which cost 24 and 30 SD's, which I think is very respectable, I was estimating they'd be closer to 40 or 50! I bought them both, however I'm not sure how I plan on styling them yet, so I might sell them, but I'll have to see, I really wanna give them a chance =) 
Here's a little snippet of 5 of the items I chose to buy:
Was in the library late so I have none of my own stylings for you, but I do have quite a few that I snapped around Stardoll - seems people do really like this collection and I think it's clear there are a few favourite pieces =D  

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