Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hotbuys Striped Blazer - Wearing in style

Another double styling of a Hotbuy, this time the Striped Blazer from It Girls, a piece which I surprisingly love and purchased immediately! As per, I haven't had time to style, but these two have - ValentinaReal and Jualvesdoll =) The outfits are almost similar but there are a few differences and two main questions you want to ask yourself when considering styling this jacket. The first is cleavage - are you gonna go for it or not? And these looks show both, and both looking pretty good I might add! The second is legs - to out or not, both have gone for out and I think that looks great and would be my first instinct too, I'm looking forward to try this with legs not out though, might take a bit of work coming up with the perfect pair of trousers though! Both of these looks have gone for black bases, which is logical given how the colours on the piece itself are laid out, and I think it looks great - I am interested to see if anyone wears it with a differing colour scheme and totally pulls it off though!


  1. i like them alot, sadly i cannot buy that blazer since i am broke....

  2. Ooh nice! I wore them with wide legged pants (the white ones from decades). It makes my doll look so tall *.* lol