Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hair time

Wigs on Stardoll can often be totally hit or miss, and I'm sure we've all seen plenty of great ones along with some of the slightly less successful ones! But today I'm sharing one of the cutest I've seen in a while, and it's designed by moiragrog!
I simply adore this cute cut - it's like a long bob or a really short shoulder length cut, can't quite decide what I want to call it, but I love it! She's chosen a really wearable colour which will suit pretty much anyone on Stardoll (yay! I find some of the darker styled hairs just wouldn't work for me) and it's a perfect shape, like it's neat but not too coiffed - if you get me? Plus the length is perfect for wearing a whole cohort of fabulous neckwear, you could wear something with a high colour, a scarf, necklaces, anything just about - which I always concern with around wigs because I want them to be super versatile.
She also has 4 or 5 other wigs and designs that she sells that are pretty good too - so head on over to her suite to check them out or her bazaar to support her by buying a wig =) 

And now just a couple of members wearing her fabulous hair:

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