Thursday, 17 April 2014

LE Hibiscus Flounce Dress - Wearing it well

Just a little feature of 2 different yet stunning looks of dolls wearing the LE Hibiscus Flounce Dress from the new collection, which cost quite a large 200SD's. This is a piece I bought, and I do really love it - still no idea how to wear it though, but these two do! We have Pau.Cam.Arena, styling it with a pretty white cape so the dress is still quite visible and choosing gold styled accessories to work with the chain around the skirts of the dress (plus that pink on the lips, LOVE!) and then we have LadyPopscarllat who has styled it with a white sweater, choosing to go with it as a more skirted piece than a dress, the gold necklace is a cute accent and the rest of the accessories are on a nude tone. 
Overall both of these outfits really show the good qualities of this dress and show two totally different ways it could be styled!

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