Tuesday, 8 October 2013

YH Mini Release

Today saw a mini collection release of Young Hollywood based on the street styles seen at the recent fashion weeks. There are three different outfits available for purchase, one based on NY, one on Paris and one on Milan. For me out of the big fashion month I only really followed NY and Paris, no idea why, but those just seemed to be the ones I was more interested in looking at pictures from =)
So I managed to snap up a whole bunch of these items (slightly ashamed at the total price!) - I'm thankful that they are available for all members and not just SS, so those of us who have spare SD's, yet their membership has run out, can enjoy the fun too! Prices range from 45SD's for a hat, to 115SD's for a skirt. Probably a little on the expensive side for what the items are, but they are pretty limited and when I last checked, had been being snapped up at a reasonable pace!
I've styled two of the items so far:
Firstly the NY Used Denim jeans, costing 78SD's(850 pairs available) - I knew I had to have these as soon as I'd seen them. Yes, boyfriend style jeans have been in for a while, and I know some people consider them overrated, but I don't! I still love them and will wear them! They are distressed, but I like that it's quite minimal, too much isn't my style at all. I paired them with a simple white shirt, and chose other coloured items to spice the look up. The shoes felt like a no-brainer to me, for some reason, blue shoes came to my mind immediately and these were the first I saw in my closet. I ended up going with the pink cardi, and I'm happy with this choice - keeping up with the trends, and it sports that style, we all know the one, draping your jacket/coat/cardi over your shoulders rather than wearing it like a normal jacket/coat/cardi with your arms in the sleeves. I'm such a sheep for these sorts of style, honestly, you should see my pinterest boards! 
The second look:
This one uses the Milano Blouse, costing 90SD's(750 blouses available). To me this is quite a classic piece, white lace. Or maybe I've just seen a lot of it around! I felt inspired for this look by one of my favourite fashion bloggers, and really decided to try step out of my comfort zone to make it. I knew I wanted to wear a skirt with it, but choosing one wasn't quite as easy as saying it! Literally every skirt I took from my closet worked well with it, so coming down to this one was quite a task. Like that last look when I just knew about the blue shoes, well I just knew about the gold in this one! For some reason, gold was the colour I had to go for, so I selected these Hotbuys Stiletto's quite quickly from my selection - I wouldn't normally wear a strapped shoe with leg showing as I am literally all about making sure legs don't look short or fat(in RL, don't even come near me with a knee length/midi skirt - on my body? Just NO! Haha), but for some reason, these shoes with this skirt looks fine to me ... phew!!! Chose this cute little heart bag which I find myself using fairly often, it just works, and for some reason always reminds me of fashion weeks, why? I have no clue! 

Anyway, enough of my ramblings! I'll get back to reading science articles/writing lecture notes/coughing and choking all the time/reading and writing fanfiction/watching LoveFilm and you guys can let me know what you think in the comments! Come on, you know you want to =D 

Love K xxx

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