Monday, 7 October 2013

Plaza crazy!

Hmm, so I don't remember posting on Thursday or Friday, was full on prepped to come and apologise, but it appears I did! I was out on a course social on Thursday which pretty much took out functioning on Friday too, then I was studying on Saturday and came down with a sore throat /illness yesterday!

There is a lovely huge 50% sale at the Plaza right now - I've just spent the past 30-40mins having a good browse and deciding what to buy, and even though I'm always convinced I have everything I want and need, I always end up coming out with some purchases! Set me back 100SD's today, but I really like everything I decided to get =D I got several dresses and snapped up quite a few PPQ items, which I feel are much more worth it at half price!

Hope you picked up some good deals too^^

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