Sunday, 6 October 2019

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E G O L D B O O T S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

While I'm not always a huge fan of Original Future, the latest release had one piece that is perfect for me - the Gold Boots! These are awesome, the perfect boot style for the autumn and in an excellent tone of gold, they tick a lot of boxes^ Spotted starsuepretty styling these up, they look great against the navy, that's a winning combination for sure, and I love the layering of the pieces, the trousers and the fringed skirt look super cool and really caught my attention. This gold top is a perfect pairing for the boots, I think they'll be great in many other combinations too^ For my styling I stuck very neutral, choosing nudes, which gold works with very nicely. I like the smart styling for these boots, they don't have to be reserved for super fun looks at all. The little gold details are added in the shirt pin and the bag which I think helps keep the attention to the boots - I'll totally wear this look again =D

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