Friday, 4 October 2019

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Styled Outfits

Had so much fun with the last LE release and styling up some pieces before that I just had to style up everything else that I bought - it was for sure a successful collection for me! First up the clothing - I really loved the Satin Pink Trousers, they're totally my thing, love the colour, the texture and the straight leg fit to them. I went all pink, one of my favourite things, and I quite like that they colour match is a little off, with the jacket, bag and shoes being lighter and the accessories being a little shinier, I think it works well! Secondly the Horse Print Dress, something else I've not really seen people wearing but I really REALLY love^ I found this very easy to style up for autumn, the darker horses let you work with some darker pieces which I added in the outerwear while keeping my accessories neutral. These boots are good for the season, and I like the sparkly-ness to the bag and the gold of the sunglasses and necklace - I really like filling the neckline of this piece, so I think I'll wear this necklace again with it^
And then for the accessories - they're so colourful, it's super fun! First up the Dior Inspired Bag which I bought immediately, we all know I love orange! This one is super cute with the quilted design and I played on that with an almost-matching skirt, I think the two do well together and aren't overwhelming or overwhelmed by each other. The rest of the look is super simple in black, but I love the leather boots, they work well with the skirt and bag textures. Secondly another of my favourite colours the yellow Balenciaga Inspired Bag styled up with more yellow - I'm a little predictable I think! This was such an easy piece to style and it pops out nicely against the white and also the yellow - super simple but effective. And then finally the Satin Mules, which I've not seen styled much which could be down to their different colour combination, which I've really used to an advantage! I tried to find something lilac but nothing quite worked out, so I used the yellow, green and red of the shoes in my styling, I really like it^ The green is for sure the highlighted colour in the shoes, and I like this chunky sweater against that and balanced between the yellows. The bag is a cute finishing touch, and I think a red lip would work pretty well here too!

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