Wednesday, 30 October 2019

O C T O B E R 2019 | Hotbuys Review

Time for another month of Hotbuys, and I think a lot of us agree about this set - they were a bit of a style miss! The pieces don't entirely fit together nicely and there's quite a few different questionable styles included, the trends aren't exactly ones I'd say were current or popular. So somewhat an edited of a review this time.


The four pieces of clothing are quite similar, the army green featuring in three of them - for me it's just not always a great colour to wear, so these are an easy pass. The Circle Skirt Blue (Evil Panda) is a little better, I like the midi style and the navy base colour along with the white piping detail, so I'm giving this one a chance, but I know it won't be for everyone. The chunky heel and square toe style of the boots sound like good ideas, but these specific pairs are in a very specific style, the colours and designs are quite eclectic and so far I've not seen either pair styled. The other accessories, however are a little more workable - the bags are not too bad^ The Belt Bag (Original Future) is a more casual street-style piece, this shade of green is more palatable, I really like it. The bag has some nice detailing, it's definitely one of the top pieces in this release. I also really very much like the Silver String Bag (Pretty 'N Love), it looks fab and the design really is something unique. I like the silken texture and the gathered style, it's super cool and I'm quite happy to try something like this out for my doll. The last piece I do like is maybe no big surprise, the Cat Eye Sunglasses (It Girls) which are a pretty standard pair with a dark lens and a white frame on the top half - they're nothing hugely special or different from other pairs we've had before, but I'm a real glutton for sunglasses so I immediately snapped them up for my collection =)

Whilst I don't like these pieces for myself, CodeKunst sure looks pretty good styling the Oversized Jacket and matching Green Pants! The brown polo and the rusted red colour of the shoes really help to brighten the styling, they work nicely with the trim details on the pieces. Love this bag with the look, and the beauty styling is awesome, the eyeshadow is a perfect fit!

While these looks didn't take me too long to put together, I'm not sure how enthusiastic I am about the pieces as a whole. I really like the vibe of the first look pairing the Belt Bag with this colourful sweater, the colours really work quite well and I think the green does well to stand out in the style. Also really like the sunglasses hung on and the use of the leather boots against the bag. The second styling is the one I like the least, with both the Circle Skirt Blue and the Cat Eye Sunglasses. I found it a little tricky to find blue or other coloured pieces to work with the skirt - I think this outfit looks fine, but I don't love it a lot. It would be great to see some others try out this skirt! And the final look, which is for sure my favourite, styling the Silver String Bag. I tried out quite a few pieces with this bag and I'm really pleased with this combination of a navy suit with snazzy accessories, these boots sure do attract attention too, but I really like it! It's a fun way to bring the party to more calm clothing =D

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