Wednesday, 18 May 2016

P P Q | Release Review

A surprise last week when new PPQ was released, it feels a long time since the last PPQ release so this was super welcomed from me =) I love the advert and it sells the collection really well I think, plus those beauty looks are awesome!
So it was just one floor this time, but it's pretty packed with a lot of items all on the minimal blue theme - plenty of white and black coloured pieces, so this floor gets my thumbs up^ As well as a minimal style, there are a few cool patterned stand out pieces which I think really tie the store up nicely =)
I'll begin with the accessories, which definitely take a little step back in this collection with minimal choices and just a few extra pieces. The shoes are black and white, classic pieces which work with many different styles. They're made for summer really with their open toes and straps - I really am a fan of both the SS16 Platform Sandals and the SS White Platform Sandals! For bags, there's just one to choose from, but I think it's an awesome piece - the SS16 White Backpack has a cool style. I love the little handle and the loose straps, plus the size is just right. Not much on the jewellery front either, but I do quite like the Sparkling Blue Necklace, it's got a lovely delicate touch and could look lovely with a lot of different pieces.
And now the clothes! With the minimal pieces, the dresses and jumpsuits are the total focus. There's a range of colours and designs but most pieces are ideal for summer with short sleeves or straps. In block blue you can have either the Chiffon Detail Blue Dress with great upper body details or the PPQ Blue Frill Dress which has a bit of a spanish-dance feeling, I particularly like the design at the neckline and love the asymmetric sleeve. There's quite a few choices in black, I like the shorter Cutout Cocktail Dress for the sweet design at the neck, I feel like it could be styled quite well into different looks. Then there's also the PPQ Cutout B W Dress with it's somewhat matching PPQ B W Jumpsuit. They're pretty good pieces, and the style is very current - which I feel like I've been saying about a lot of things, but it's true! Then to round out that section there's the PPQ White Tailored Jumpsuit, which is totally like the treat of the release, it's great! It fits well and is truly a perfect piece for the summer. Before moving onto the prints, the last item I love is the pair of Perfect Black Bootcut Trousers and they really live up to their name, just try them on and see for yourself^
And now the brighter pieces of the release - those prints! The trousers stand out to me so much that I barely look at anything else. Both the PPQ Geo Print Trousers and the PPQ Sheer Pattern Trousers look amazing. They fit my doll well and add a great flair to looks with their quirky printing. You can get matching pieces to go with them, but honestly I love them on their own! Aside from the prints there's one mixed colour piece, the PPQ Three Tone Moto which is something I see being super popular. The style is very biker-chic and I think it could be great for transitioning into Autumn after the summer season =)  
Prices for this release range from 10 to 25SD's with really only a few focal pieces at the higher range. These prices are definitely on target with the rest of the store and I have no complaints about them at all.

And a couple of looks with this collection! I bought a few pieces and so far am loving making use of them. Firstly the PPQ Three Tone Moto and the SS16 White Backpack - both are super edgy and great pieces on their own so I really let them stand out with minimal black and white clothing. Then secondly the PPQ Geo Print Trousers and I really adore this clothing combination! It's great for summer with this cami but I do play on the darker tones by adding the jacket and sunglasses to the hand =D

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