Wednesday, 25 May 2016

M U S E U M M I L E | Styled Suite

Monday came with a brand new Museum Mile release entitled 100 Years of Style - I loved the spoilers but was disappointed with the prospect of yet another limited store release. Lucky for us, this time round wasn't limited and the prices are pretty good too! I'm a huge huge fan of the artwork and am so glad I was able to purchase the pieces I wanted, not gonna lie, that was pretty much all of the paintings^ I've not had a good think about how I want to use everything yet, but I thought I'd share some initial inspirations for two of the pieces. Firstly is the 1926 Tamara De Lempicka Picture which is filled with hidden deep golden tones and some lovely browny dusk shades, there's so much to see in it! I focused on dark metallics with the use of this seat and kept the other pieces pretty minimal and to a small number - but I really quite like it as a focal corner to the room!
And then the 1956 Vicente Romero Redondo Picture, I really focused on the gold frame but also the lack of darker shades in the painting and so didn't want to add many to the room. I love this gold couch and some small details really work for it.
So these most definitely aren't final, but I'm happy with them as a start!

What did you guys think of this release and the artworks available? And my rooms - like what I've done so far? Let me know in comments =D

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