Friday, 27 May 2016

Bag It Up Challenge #50

We've reached 50! And there's still like a hundred to go, it seems ridiculous to have so many bags, but I'm still up for this challenge =D So as I said in this afternoons feature, tonights challenge post is my take on the Siri Bag from Nelly, which I think was still available until recently so should be no bother to find in the bazaar. I bought this as a piece to challenge me to style it, then never really did, but I'm sort of glad I waited as I really think I've found the right combination of pieces to wear it with for my style! It has a rather Cleopatra feel to it I think, not sure what it is, maybe the gem colours, but I quite like the feel and I've gone with blue for my look rather than the others - although maybe the turquoise could be next^

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