Friday, 20 May 2016

M A W I | My Beauty Look | Styled Outfit

I'd sort of forgotten about MAWI until it came out with a new release! These collections are always pretty good and generally there's plenty to purchase. The one thing I'm not sure about it the use of the tigers predominantly in the advert and stores - I don't think they were needed to sell this jewellery and a different theme could have been chosen. But that's all I'll say on the matter.
Silver pieces don't look the best on my dolls skin tone, so I made my focus on the golden hues and love the more rose-gold sort of pieces. I didn't purchase enough to make a whole review from this, so I'm just really going to cover my favourites and give some stylings to what I did buy =D
I adore the bags which are available with this collection, I really think they stand out nicely and make great additions to your wardrobe! I've one with the emerald-tinted Velveteen Elisabeth Sun Ray Handbag in my first look pairing it with white and silver heels so it would really stand out. It's not a piece I can see worn too casually, but I'm gonna try it with some trainers and see how I get on with it^ Then I've styled the Burgundy Leather Box Clutch Bag, which is something I'm so glad to add to my bag collection, it's so great! I love the size and tone, and the jewelled detailing isn't too much. I liked pairing it with these pink tones and it really makes the bag pop out well!
And then I just ended up purchasing one necklace, the Layered Firefly Crystal Necklace, a style which I think really excels in the MAWI releases. I love this one for the rose gold but also the combination of colours. The top piece really has a green metallic aspect to it, which I really like for looks but I also love the small topaz stones along with the lilac - it's a very nice pairing! For my makeup I wanted to play on the darker tones of the necklace and chose a burgundy combination. Originally I'd gone for a tanned lip, but it really wasn't working out with such a bold eye, but I'd try it again with this necklace I think!

What did you guys think of this release? Make any good purchases? Let me know your thoughts in comments =D

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