Saturday, 21 May 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Last week brought our regular instalment of Callie's Picks, this time themed Easy Breezy, which I totally feel like should have Beautiful, Covergirl! afterwards! It's got a summer flair to it which is retained in the homepage ad, and I really love the makeup, which fits the bill exactly I'd say =D
Two floors to choose from this time and I really do feel the theme in most of the pieces and looks in the store, which is something I really like. There's one male outfit available, which doesn't entirely fit in really, but at least it's something, right? Or maybe not! Anyway plenty to choose from in different styles and items.
Accessories don't stand out to me too much but what is good is that there is a huge range of different shoes to be had, there really aren't any pair too similar to another so I'm sure most people could find something they like. I like the Gladiator Sandals best, I used to have these a long time ago but have since sold them, they are very much a reminder of my teen years and I loved sandals like these. They're styled with dresses here but would easily work with jeans or shorts. Of the bags I'd love to see more pieces like the Cross Body Bag, that style is in and I think it's done well on Stardoll in the past^
And now swiftly moving onto the clothing, the best bit =D There are several amazing pieces released in this collection, I feel lucky to get a hold of them! Firstly the dresses and I don't think any of us can ignore the Printed Maxi Dress or the Sparse Gems Maxi, two amazing pieces in one release is so great! I love the shades and shapes of each and think they are perfect pieces for re-release into the world. Then on the shorter side there's also the Striped Shirt Dress - another fab piece with a lovely style, it's a little sheer but I think that can be worked around in stylings of it. In the skirts there's a hugely talked about piece, the Rustle Of Wind Skirt which was a hugely desired piece a while back, I'm not sure, is it the same now? Anyway, people will be pleased to see this one as it's a pretty classic item. And if you're looking for a shorter bottom-half, then I really quite like the Stonewashed Hotpants, something I don't typically wear but I quite like how they're presented in store and their fit on my doll, so that was a nice surprise. And there's a very nice pair of trousers available too - the Casual Silk Pants, which sit pretty low but have a current loose feel with a cropped leg. The colour is awesome too, I think that blue can really work out well^ Moving onto the tops, and there's some more great pieces here. If you're into something more girly and Tributes, then there's the Chiffon Tank Tunic, or for a print in a summer style there's the Ruffle Shoulder Crop Top with the popular cold-shoulder design, and a last mention is something that's been on my wishlist for a few years at least, the Grey LS! It's a fantastic basic piece for your closet and although I don't think I'll wear it a lot now, I know it will get some serious use come autumn and winter! Then there's outerwear too in the Hearts Denim Jacket, which I would buy if I didn't own it already^ It's a pretty sweet piece to have in, it works with many styles and has a nice relaxed fit, I think it could be a surprise popular one from this release =D 
Prices for this release are ranged between 7 to 22SD's, with most items below the higher end of the range. I'm pretty happy about the prices and think you can get some good items for what they are!
My styled outfits now^ Firstly two pieces which I've done a little more with. On the left I've styled the Grey LS and I knew immediately I wanted a print with it, these trousers call for purple so much and so I've really gone done that route and adore this cute outfit! Then on the right I've gone with the Striped Shirt Dress - it's sheer all over so I've used some of the Underneath Stardoll pieces for modesty protection, but this tan coat helps too, and I actually am pleased with this combination^ It's quite autumnal and I think I'd wear this again come that time of year =)
Then there's these two stunning dresses which deserve the limelight to themselves in outfits, so that's what I've gone with, just adding shoes for a finishing touch! The Printed Maxi Dress looks good with these silver shoes, but I'm definitely going to experiment with some colours here along with a few more accessories. Then the Sparse Gems Maxi which I went with a similar shade of pink heels. The length really covers most of the shoes so you don't need to choose anything fancy, but could go for a more focal point bag to style it up a little more.

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