Saturday, 28 May 2016

B I Z O U | Release Review

Brand new Bizou on Friday, which was unexpected I think! But it's a perfect summer release with those bright colours and the homepage advert really sells it well! Plus looking awesome with those natural beauty looks =D
So there was the usual one floor of items and it's really packed well with goodies^ There's a couple of menswear pieces, with the Two Tone Slim Shirt really fitting in with the style of the rest of the items available for us girls. Your focus is drawn right in as soon as you see the store with the bright yellow tones in fashionable styles, and I really love it.
Accessories are pretty good with this release, in fact everything really holds its own place in the store and it's quite easy to purchase everything as nothing is too similar but all fits together nicely. I love both the Burgundy Dior Inspired Bag and the Clean Angles Purse which looks very Sophie Hulme, they both have great shapes and colours and so far have worked well when I've tried them - so look forward to those eventually in the Bag It Up Challenge! The shoes are also great with two different styles going in the denim-blue Blue Suede Stilettos and the fabulously bright Silk Knot Mules. I've been loving mules so these are a great addition to my collection^
Then there's the clothing - with so many great pieces to choose from! My eyes really were torn with what to look at first with this release because there are some wonderful things to be had. With dresses, there's a few to choose from, but I found myself going with a classic first, the Crisp White Fitted Dress - the shape is flattering as is the length and overall style, and it's a versatile piece that I can see working in many different looks. If you're wanting something more on the cute side, then you'll have to go with the DG Inspired Daisy Dress which has the perfect summer feel to it. In bottomhalves I found quite a few pieces I knew I had to have - the first being the Fendi Inspired Print Skirt, and it's so incredible we've gotten this on Stardoll, feeling very lucky! More Fendi like this please Stardoll^^^ Anyways, I also really love the French Riviera Trousers, they do look very similar to a few other pairs that have been released to the Plaza, but I don't feel like I can have too many pairs of trousers like these and I'll happily dress them up or down in a variety of styles. Then there's a few tops to be had, although I didn't feel myself loving these as much as other pieces. The Stella McCartney Inspired Top is super pretty with the delicate green floral print and I think it could look amazing in the right outfit. Then there's the Perfectly Styled Cardie in a lovely neutral stone colour which I think is just right for it as a piece. A few years ago this would have been right up my street, but I'm not so sure I'd enjoy styling it so much now as my style and loves have changed a lot - I'm sure someone will do it justice though! Lastly there's also bikini separates on offer, the Cannes Bikini Top and Bottoms, the latter being available in coins. I love the frilled off shoulder style and think this will be a pretty popular piece to style.
Prices for this release range between 7 and 20SD's and I think most pieces have been priced well for their style and what they are, no complaints there - but the cost quickly adds up when you buy a lot like I did, oops =D
Now my styled outfits - I was super excited to make these! Firstly I've gone with the Crisp White Fitted Dress paired with the Silk Knot Mules. The blue of the top I've added and the orange really work nicely against each other and the white keeps a neutral feel - couldn't resist adding this blazer! Then I've gone for the Fendi Inspired Print Skirt in another neutral style choosing this bow blouse and white heels (these are from the latest Museum Mile release). A bright bag was definitely needed, and orange is a good summer choice. In my final (very summery) look I've worn the Cannes Bikini Top - this typically isn't my style but I think this top warrants it and I've really worn it as a top rather than part of a bikini. I love it with these fringed PPQ jeans and the yellow of the accessories, a great beach look =D
And finally a few quick features! Firstly Crystal_Harris going with the Chic Two Tone Earrings in a very chic and two-tone look overall. I really love this styling and I really think the earrings stand out well, plus the beauty look is super complimentary^
Then two looks with the Cannes Bikini Top. Firstly miver, going with a denim style and summery accessories in the laced sandals and a cute nautical bag along with some hot shades. I love the lip colour and the hair choice, both really work with the style of the top.
And then secondly singiel, choosing a blue focus in her skirted look. The shades of blue work nicely and the heels make it a very pretty feminine look overall. A neutral beauty style works perfectly here =D

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