Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Styling Shoes Challenge #2 | Duplice Wedges

Pair #2 are a bit of an oldie Tribute pair - the Duplice Wedges from the Christian Louboutin store. Wedges are purely a summer shoe in my mind, so I paired them with 3 summer looks. I didn't mean to make them all white based, but I do think it helps the shoes stand out a little in the look! I rarely wear these and I rarely see them worn around Stardoll, but they are very nice shoes and hopefully I've shown they can be worn in more than just a very casual look - although the 3rd outfit with those ripped jeans is probably my favourite of the 3 =) Which do you guys like best?


  1. That purple bag is gorgeous! It really elevates your casual jeans look. Where was it from?

    1. Thanks - it's a pretty old Hotbuy from RIO =)