Saturday, 9 August 2014

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

Yesterday we were given a new floor of SubCouture, and as per the previous releases from this store, it won't be around long! Just 2 days - so if you think you might want something, you better make a move on it now before it's gone! I actually thought that we hadn't had the last collection that long ago but then I checked my posts, turns out it was released in MARCH! How did that happen =O I honestly thought it was like a month or maybe 2 ago, but not like 4/5! Right now I feel like life is passing me by too quickly =/ Now SubCouture has never been one of my favourite stores, I quite liked the last collection, but really wasn't a fan of the one before - for me this one isn't really the best and isn't something I'd run to like a crazy lady! But on with the review =)
It's quite a nice collection filled with pretty gowns (which was very much expected to be honest) and costs from 7 to 35 SD's, which I think are good prices {the last collection ranged from c.10-30SD's} and I think the high fashion and designer based clothing really makes a lot of the users happy! It makes no difference to me whether it's designer inspired or not - if I like something, I'll buy it, and if I don't then I don't - quite simple really! There's a good range of styles present among all of the items with variety in shoe style and also the gowns, although most are quite short so for me I doubt I'd wear very many of them. The two maxi dresses are actually pretty nice, although not everyday pieces which I really look for, but I think the Ombre Grecian Dress will be a very popular one around Stardoll for the next few weeks! I've seen a lot of people fawn over the jackets, particularly the Death Metal Jacket, but I much prefer the Chromatic Jacket - for me it's the slightly more versatile and easy to style piece:
A piece that I surprisingly woke up today and knew I had to buy, were the Oyster Faux Croc Shorts - I don't know what came over me, but I suddenly decided I really liked them and wanted to give styling them a go - so that might come later! The headpieces for the collection were quite interesting too, I like the Camo Veil Headpiece - it's a little quirky but also screams high fashion, my only problem (and probably others' problem too) is that it doesn't sit ontop of the wigs in the Plaza so I can't tell if I'll love it and wear it or not - so that might be a very last minute purchase for me while I think about it! 
Overall I don't think it's that bad of a collection, although if I were choosing pieces I doubt I'd choose any of the ones chosen, but hey, that's another story!
So now some featured looks of members I've seen wearing the pieces so far:

Hope you enjoyed this post - please comment comment comment because it very much feels like I'm writing to no-one!!!


  1. Nice! I personally like the Spike Taffeta Dress. :)

  2. Lovely review, and thank you for featuring me! Even though I went for the Death Metal Jacket on this one, it was all about the Chromatic Jacket for me too. I think it marries luxury and casual together very well.

  3. I loved this collection, my favourite item has to be the platform combat boots, I adore them and teamed them with the death metal jacket and some shorts by ADI19 to create a quite punky look. I also like the chains couture bag, though I'm yet to style it.

  4. This collection is fantastic!

  5. I liked the same intems as you. Just a question: What top did you use on your 2nd look with the Chromatic Jacket?

    1. I used the BASICS "Basic White Short Top" costing 40Coins which can be found on the 4th page of the BASICS store in the Plaza =)