Friday, 8 August 2014

F E V E R | Release Review

Sat on this one for a few days as I've never really been that much of a fan of the Fever store, but I think I have enough to say to warrant a review for it =) I really like the advert for it on the home page (above), it really reminds me of the beaches and waterfront in Barcelona (where I enjoyed my first solo summer vacation this year) and I really like the simple sort of style it is conveying - plus those models both look great! So on with the review =)
Just one floor of the store this time around and it's filled with dresses and shoes pretty much! Prices range from 8 to 16 SD's which is very reasonable nowadays around the Plaza. My favourite part is most definitely the shoes of the release, they are all perfect for summer, with espadrilles, wedges and very nice heeled sandals - there really is something for everyone! I picked up the Chanel Inspired Espadrilles immediately, and I know I'm not much of a flats person I really had to have this pair seeing as I literally stare and drool at the RL version a few moments each day!!! And I've really enjoyed styling looks with these so far, I'm in a bit of a dip really right now, so for me wanting to style these shoes and getting enjoyment out of it is really good =) They're super versatile and I found them easy to style with skirts and jeans, but I also think they'd look great with the perfect dress:
Both the pairs of black sandals, costing 9 SD each would be good investments as I'm always finding myself reaching for this sort of shoe right now, they go with many outfits and won't ever go out of fashion. For me the bags are a bit of a let down, to me they don't seem to fit very well with the rest of the pieces - I don't see them being versatile enough for me to want to buy them. And I think that actually goes for the clothing for me as well - the dresses aren't my style at all, and I hate to say it, but seem a bit tacky. They wouldn't fit with my style or what I wear, just looking at my Styled Outfits for the Espadrilles, my looks are very opposing to the style the store is in, so I won't be purcasing any of the clothing. The one piece I'd consider if it were on sale, is the Khaki Jacket, it could be interesting to wear, but on first looks, I don't have a way I really want to style it, so I'll save my money right now.
Overall I think the store is alright for those who have that style - I'd definitely say it's not really in the high fashion/chic category that actually a lot of us feel we belong in, but it'll be interesting to see who buys pieces and see what they do with them - if you have, show me in comments!

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  1. This shop reminds me a little of Wild Candy. The weakest release of the last week... I only liked the lace up nude sandals and leather jacket ;)