Saturday, 23 August 2014

Styling Shoes Challenge #1 | HotBuys HiTech Heels

My brand new challenge - Styling Shoes, where I've picked some of my lesser worn shoes and aim to style them in a handful of different ways. As these are just my lesser worn pairs, they won't all necessarily be available in the Plaza, but should be easy enough to come across in the bazaar. These posts won't be strictly my only posts and there isn't a schedule for them, but I expect it to run over 2-3 weeks =) 
So - pair of shoes #1 are the HotBuys HiTech Heels from Original Future! I've worn these once previously as past of my Wear My Closet Challenge but I really wanted to get them into more everyday wearable looks and I think I've achieved that with the 3 above looks for them! I've stuck to a white base and then really taken on different colours into each look. Let me know what you think, and if you have the shoes, how you styled them!

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