Friday, 4 January 2013

Why go for macro when you can have micro

This is the latest bag trend I'm talking about - micro bags! I think these are adorable and I would be all for it if my purse wasn't so large(I have a rule that if my purse wouldn't fit, I don't buy!) - haha!
Anyway the rest of the world love wearing them, and look super cute doing so:
To me Stardoll don't have many micro bags on offer, I mean I have a selection of little shoulder bags which could pass as micro bags, but to me they weren't made with that intention:
DKNY, Chanel, Bizou, Chanel, Young Hollywood

A lot of you will see these as being more formal, going out bags, and yeah, they are, but I like wearing them as everyday bags, it's nice to get some glitz and glam in your everyday regular wardrobe =)
White looks good with almost any colour, so if you're gonna buy one on Stardoll, then that's what I'd go for. But if you want something more stand-out, go for the red like I have, it looks great against a block colour background of clothing.


  1. I love them!, I have a few micro bags, they might not be able to hold much, but they're very handy if you only need a phone, lipstick, keys etc.


  2. Pink chanel bag. OMG, I have no words to describe it. It's just perfect.