Thursday, 31 January 2013

Olivia Palermo

I just want to express my love for Olivia Palermo - she has like the best style, she just knows how to wear clothes well, and she looks great in everything! I wish I looked as good as her in the same clothes! 4 of my favourites include:

Love the faux fur gilet paired with leather and  denim - it's neutral shade makes it super versatile
Floral patterned trousers are a perfect stand out piece, she's paired them well with a navy  coat ans a berry bag
This berry tee is so simple, yet she makes it look elegant, even with the jeans! The shoes are quirky and make a good addition
What's not to love, a tan coloured coat and knee high boots, a cute, yet warm winter look which anyone could pull off

I'm feeling I might make this a regular thing - choosing my favourite Olivia outfits and adding a little about each one - when I have more time, I'll recreate them on Stardoll, but right now I have a major test tomorrow which I'm stressing about so much, I'm glad I took this little relaxing break to post about O, the music below, and watch a cute little raccoon video{don't even ask}!

On another note, I also can't wait to take part in VC4 - this year they're singing Bliss, which is such a beautiful and powerful song, if you haven't heard the previous VC's I suggest you check them out!

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  1. I love Olivia, she really knows how to wear clothes well! And that's one of the reasons she's one of the it girls of the moment.