Monday, 7 January 2013

Apres Ski

So earlier this afternoon two new floors of 'Apres Ski' were released - in my opinion it's a bit late as we're almost at the end of winter, but never mind! Although I am happy with this addition as the store usually stocks quite cute pieces for winter, always handy for the next one!
Overall it's not bad, I don't like all the items, but I think there is good variety to choose from, so I'm sure everyone would find something they would like. 
Prices range from 4 SD's for accessories to 17 SD's for a jacket (with SC prices in between these too!), which I don't think are too bad, but I personally don't like many of the items at the higher end of the scale.
1. Beige Leather Dress, 15 SD's
2. Big Silver Bracelett, 4 SD's
3. Silver Ballerina Skirt, 11 SD's
4. Snow White Silver Tid, 9 SD's
Sheepskin Collar, 4 SD's
Knitted Headband, 4 SD's
White Faux Fur Headband, 4 SD's
So I chose quite a variety of items, I love the accessories mainly! I was a little on the fence with the clothing, but I decided to take a risk with it - after all I totally drool over silver, I couldn't really do without it!
The faux fur headbands and collar are so cute, and I can't wait to style them, which I think will be pretty easy! 
The leather dress I think will be the hardest to style due to it's shape, I think it's a bit wide, but I will do my best to make it look fab!
I adore the silver capped white boots, there really is nothing for me not to love with them with my addiction to white and silver, and I think I will be wearing them a lot, well until summer at least - they're definitely not shoes for the sun =)

Just wanted to show you a few things I bought when I went into town at the weekend:
{Don't view full size - for some reason it is massive!!!}
I got this Kate Moss fragrance for less than half price! I was amazed, and it smells so good, I have worn it every day since I bought it =) It also came with a body lotion which smells equally great =)
And I bought the winter collection 2012 essie nail polishes, I've been putting off buying any as it's £8 per bottle, but this little set of half size ones was only £9.99 - an absolute bargain, so I couldn't pass up the opporunity, currently applying beyond cozy and it is brilliant!

I'm not into posting things from my personal life, but every so often I might when I'm super enthusiastic about it =D


  1. I love this post, but new collection really awful

  2. I completely agree. I only like the gray coat :( But the post is nice, good work :)