Friday, 18 January 2013

Golden Release

So today there was a new selection of clothes released in RIO all themed on gold! I love metallics as you know, so I was quite excited to see the pieces available. Overall they were ok, there were many items I wouldn't consider buying, but I did end up choosing 6 pieces, shown to the left. So I know some people think metallics are quite hard to style, but I don't find them any more challenging that normal clothing! I paired my Short Golden Jacket (15 SD's) with some basic leggings, heels and glasses, and my doll is all ready to go! It is a much more 'party' outfit than everyday, but it's still wearable =D
The gold clutches and heels would look great as stand out or focal pieces, they would really pop with a monochrome outfit, maybe all black or white would look best, but experimenting to find what works is also great to try, and fun! I might give orange or pink a go with them =)

Lots of love, K xxx 

1 comment:

  1. I adore that RIO dress! It is a dress I am defiantly going to look into buying!