Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Red Collar Top

So the item I chose for this Styled Outfit post is the Red Collar Top:
It's from Bizou and cost 9 SD's, not too bad I don't think! I somehow haven't worn it since I bought it, so I thought this a good time to write a post =) I love the little Peter Pan collar, and also its brightness, it seems like it would be a great stand out piece.
So the first look! I chose light trousers for this one, along with light shoes and a belt before adding a dark jacket, I wanted it to be a look for coming out of winter and entering spring, where it's too cold to go without a coat, but not too cold to wear ankle grazers and sandals! I am surprised by my liking of the red and mint combination, I think it looks nice - this could be a combination I wear this week maybe =)
So for the second look I went a bit more formal, choosing black for the skirt and shoes. I think the top looks great with a bodycon skirt like this, and would definitely be worth trying out some other colour combinations!  Black wedges were just a simple addition, but I think they look nice. I chose a selection of 3 nude bags to wear, I think they look good together with each other, and together with the rest of the look
I went for a much more summery style for my last outfit, and I think it's my favourite! Mainly because of the large feature of white =D I wore the top over a dress, as I think the skirted part is perfect for the top, in length, fit and detail. I added some simple white courts and sunnies, and done! It's not about making an outfit complex for it to look nice, even the most basic of outfits can look good =)

That's all for now!

Love K xxx

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