Wednesday, 8 August 2012

D&G Tribute Review

I finally finally finally managed to fix google on my computer - yay! So I can finally use blogger to post, I'm soo excited, I'm also pretty impressed with myself actually figuring it out, my dad couldn't even do it and his job is about computers and stuff!

So the Dolce and Gabbana Tribute store came out this week, and I have to say - it's about time!
The store looks really well presented and compiled, although I feel that the collection of clothes don't flow well, to me all the items should run on a similar theme or style, but this collection is pretty mixed - an advantage on Stardoll though as there will probably be something for everyone there.
I only bought a couple of items actually, but I am tempted by a few more after seeing some stylings by Stardoll members - it's amazing how people can take one item, and each person can make it look so different! Here's a couple of my favourite stylings from around Stardoll:
thedresdendoll wearing Black Gem Playsuit, 25SD's
xXxDeliaxXx wearing Jeweled Skater Skirt, 21SD's
xxlovexx wearing Pink Lace DG Miniskirt, 18SD's; Jeweled Leopard Heels, 12SD's; Metallic Woven Purse, 12SD's
The jewelled playsuits are really good, I think they're the best part and really epitomise recent Dolce and Gabbana:
When I first saw them in the store I wasn't sure they were for me, but after thinking about it and looking at them more, I think I might get one or two.
I'm not really that impressed by the shoes of the collection, they're designed alrightly but I don't think I'd wear any of them, they don't really go with the clothes I have or they're similar to pairs I already have.
So far the only clothing piece I've bought are the Jeweled Leopard Pants - they're affordable(only 12SD's) and are just radiating with Sports Luxe!(Pretty sure that's grammatically incorrect, but oh well=D) I can't wait to style them with a white top and some heels =)

Overall it's a pretty decent collection, not my favourtie Tribute of all time, but it's well designed and I think it's fairly popular!

Love K xxx


  1. I Love D & G both in stardoll and real life. I just dont have so much money to buy everything i want from sd D & G >.<

  2. thank you very much I´m one of the Models (:

    I ♥ D & G :)