Friday, 29 November 2019

R O Y A L T Y | Styled Outfits

The last Royalty store release was a pretty good one, with a floor of new fun designer-styled pieces to enjoy for the Autumn/Winter season! I didn't feel like there was quite enough for me to write a whole review about, so I've styled up my purchases for you today. I really liked the silky and flowing styles in this release, so while I haven't bought them, the Neon Collar Skirt and Green Satin Dress are pretty cool pieces, and the colours also make them really stand out. And the Star Shoes Pink are pretty fabulous, they will really be quite perfect for holiday party stylings =)
First up I've paired the Pink Turtleneck and the White Handbag which are both very versatile pieces, they will work with so many different colours too, but I really love them with these smart white trousers. The bag still manages to pop out even with more white, which I love. Kept accessories minimal, but totally loving these black and pink shoes with the look^ For the second style I've gone with the Wool Coat, not so versatile being a pink and green combination, but I think it works and I adore the design of this piece with the belting and the open neckline, it works really nicely. I've added even more pink which I totally love, and with the blue lining to the coat in the backpiece, I decided to continue that with the polo and the bag - it's pretty cute^ I'd love to work some green with this next time though =D And for the final styling, the Fendi Inspired Bag which I just love so much! It's got a base of black which will work in many looks, but has white and orange highlights which open up so many options for it^ This look was the easiest to put together and I think it works out very nicely balancing all of the colours from the bag. I'm excited to wear this one again!

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