Tuesday, 26 November 2019

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | November 2018

I have to say, I think November 2018 might have been one of the most successful Hotbuys months of all time - well, for me at least, what about you guys? These pieces are classics, I bought almost everything, and they're some of the pieces I reach to the most in my wardrobe - they've really been completely worth the SD's! As I wear the pieces a lot, it's hard to pick out the lesser-worn items to style up again, so I'll pick what I haven't worn in a little while and today will style the Throw On Blazer and the Monile Bag:
These two looks, unintentionally, fit together quite nicely with their pink hues - I'm pretty happy with the outcome of these looks for Autumnal stylings. First with the jacket, I stuck with neutral beige tones, I love keeping with the whole colour for the clothes, it's a trend I'm all over! I layered up further with a polo beneath the sweater and I really like this look, the colour matches well with the accessories. In the second look I was looking for something more gold themed, but then this velvet suit caught my eye, the stripe colours work out very nicely with the bag! I kept with the layering theme, this brown polo works great with the colours in the suit. I added a little gold in the necklace and I think this works nicely with the bag. And kept the shoes in line with the long trousers being in a metallic pink, I really like that a lot^ I'm super pleased with these stylings, I'd wear either of these again =D

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