Monday, 25 November 2019

B A S I C S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This recent-ish Basics release really was a great one with some fantastic clothing pieces themed on neutral tones with blues thrown in, really versatile items to add to our wardrobes! First up an amazing feature from isajapa styling up the Long Coat Beige - the design of which is just stunning! I love the dark colours paired in this look, the black trouser style is great with the coat, and the layering of the red velvet jacket and the white shirt tucked into the trousers with the chunky belt is super cool. The jewelled accessories are also fab, the little brooch detail is a perfect addition for this style =)
I really went a little overboard with this release and bought a lot of stuff! It's great that it's all in SC's because there are so many options for all of the pieces and they've super stylish in their own rights too. First up the lightest of looks, with the Satin Skirt Beige which I really like for both the texture and midi-split leg style. The colours all look great, but I particularly like this beige for my doll. I styled it up super minimally with a cream sweater and matching booties, and I think it's such a cute pairing, great for Autumnal vibes^ Also accessorised with a necklace, I really like that little aspect in here. Tried out a lot of bags but nothing was perfect, so that will be my next style-task! Secondly pairing the Knitted Sweater Black and Long Coat Dark Teal - I love black and navy together, I know it's not for everyone, but I really like how it looks and I love the outcome of this outfit! I think the amounts of each colour balance well, with the black clothing beneath the jacket, then the addition of the black bag and sunglasses playing off the size of the coat and these shiny navy booties - they're really my favourite part to the look =D And for the final look, the Satin Shirt Black, also styled up with blue, just a different tone this time. I like the style of the shirt and the trousers together, I've added more black with the jacket, bag and earrings, which again balance around the trousers nicely. Added a blue bag this time, and I think it also works out well, the colour is a little clashy with the blue, but the size is perfect and I quite like the slight off-ness to it!

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