Saturday, 30 November 2019

N O V E M B E R 2019 | Hotbuys Review

Ok so at least I am happier with this months Hotbuys than last month - these are a step up, but sure don't meet the great Hotbuys expectations that I have! I really like the bold colour scheme for this month, the blue/purple hues really catch my attention and do well to draw me in, as do the white accessories. For me this is a little of a step up - hopefully 2020 Hotbuys get back up their with the styles and trends^

Heart Blouse - I'm so glad this piece is first, I adore it so much! It's sheer all over, but the dark pink colour makes it easier to work around. The purple glitter is definitely a little showy for the heart printed details covering the piece, but I think it works out ok. I love the overall shape of the piece with the puffed sleeves and the ruffled collar design, it's super cute and I'm a little surprised not to have seen anyone wear this yet! Pretty 'N Love 23SD's
Furry Bag - For me, this is such a fun trend piece to add to my bag collection - it's white and it's fluffy, it ticks the winter-style boxes for sure! These pieces are all over the RL high-street right now so I'm quite glad to have one for my doll. I know for sure it won't be for everyone, but I can see this working Winter after Winter, I'm excited^ It Girls 22SD's 
Glitter Pant - Ok, so these ones aren't so much for me - I have nothing against going all out with the glitter for trousers, but the purple isn't quite my thing this time. The style of the trousers is also not quite right for me if I'm going for glitter. I think they look awesome in the styling in the advertising, but otherwise versatility might be an issue. Original Future 23SD's
White Boots - So this month both pairs of shoes are white and boots, which does give a bit of choice, and means it's unlikely people will buy both pairs. For me this first pair are the weaker of the two. The details aren't so defined, and I didn't find them hugely flattering on my doll. I'm giving these a pass over the pair coming up! Velvet Orchid 14SD's
Oversized Jacket - Wow what a jacket, I really quite like it! Which might be a bit of a surprise as it's not what I wear often, but I love the blue colour and I like the shorter jacket length while it still has a chunky vibe to it. The fit on the doll is very nice too, I really think it works out very well =) It Girls 23SD's
Glitter Hat - This is another one that isn't so much for me, mostly because I'm just not a hat person, they're one of the last accessories that I think about. I really like the blue colour and the silver detailing is pretty seasonally appropriate. It's styled to be worn on the side of the head, which is fine. I think it could look pretty cool with the right outfit, and with someone who is good with hats^ Evil Panda 16SD's 
Pink Flared (Dress) - Ok, so I'm really not on board with this dress - I mean I think the SD team have done a good job in making it alike the original, but the style is too confusing for me! I like aspects of it, but alone and not together, like the blue with the silver print in a spaghetti strap is a fab idea, I'd love that without all the pink ruffle detail - which really make it a much less versatile piece. It's also pretty expensive, for that money I need something I will want to wear all the time. Pretty 'N Love 32SD's
Cowboy Boots - Our second pair of white boots, and these are a winner for me! I've been quite attracted to cowboy style boots this year and these really tick all the boxes, I like the pointed toe and the contrasting black sole and heel. The body of the boot has some nice details too, and I like the fit of these around the ankle of the doll - these will be great come next Spring and Summer =D It Girls 17SD's
Leggings - These are also not so great a piece in this collection, black tights I can do, but these are coloured and patterned, I'm not so sure how well they will work in stylings. I'm sure someone will really like them and make them work out well for their style, but these really aren't my thing. Evil Panda 18SD's
Furry Coat - The month does end on a high though with this coat, I love it! I'm a huge fan of white and also faux fur over the winter season, this really fits my style perfectly^ It's an oversized long coat, a popular style of the moment, and I think it looks amazing on the doll. I've seen a lot of people style this up already so I think it will be a popular piece this year =D Bizou 26SD's

The Furry Coat was a super popular piece, and everyone is working it well in their own different styles. First up is --Kayley and I love the pop of purple leopard with the coat, it looks super fun! And the layered white shirt beneath adds a smart vibe. Love the accessories too, these boots are fab in their deep purple and adore this little emerald bag - these dark jewel tones are awesome for sure^
Ajenkam is also wearing the the Furry Coat, and it's still looking super cool with this smart styling. Love the pleat in these grey trousers and the white top balances the look well with the white booties, which I also love^ The pearl belt is a great touch and the pop of orange in the bag gives such a fun twist to the styling =)

Now for my stylings, I'm saving the Furry Coat for a post of it's own because I really love it, so styling up the other pieces for this post. Firstly the Heart Blouse which I just love so much, I don't think I did the best I could have with this, I found bottomhalves a little tricky as the blouse hem is quite high. I didn't have anything quite perfect, I think these trousers work ok, but they're not the best choice - as much as I hate to say it, but the purple glitter would be super cool^ I did pick out great shoes, these pink ones fit well with the colour, and I picked a fun bag - I'm looking forward to working with this piece more. Next up pairing the Oversized Jacket and Furry Bag together, and I definitely love this look! The white looks so crisp with the bold of the blue, and I think these boots are a fantastic choice to pair with the jacket, they're a perfect balance with all of the white in the look. I'm definitely excited to work with this pairing again =) And finally the Cowboy Boots in not so much a Wintery styling, however I'm sure they'd work with tights in this case too. I think they look super cool with dresses, and I like balancing out equal amounts of black and white in the styling. The frilling along the hem of the dress is a cool detail and I think it helps bring out the details in the boots too.

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