Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Zuhair Murad | T R I B U T E R E V I E W

Fabulous new designer to add to the ranks of being Tribute-ised - Zuhair Murad! The store was released today for the upcoming christmas season, and at first glance from the homepage ad (above) it's looks pretty good, stylish and desirable!
I myself wasn't particularly aware of the brand before today - I'd heard the name and seen the odd picture in a magazine, but hadn't actively checked the collections to see what I could expect from this release. There's two floors packed with clothing and a good handful of accessories - although for me some of the designs aren't quite there, some of the dresses, for example, seem a little shapeless and don't work well on my dolls body, so for me there aren't many of those to be had. I did however, manage to purchase 6 items and do have a couple more on my wishlist for me to reconsider later!
Prices are a little high, but in comparison to some past Tributes, they aren't too bad - accessories range from 16 to 26SD's and for clothing from 24 to 50SD's with most pieces in the mid range of that. There are a couple of SS only pieces, although I don't feel like I'm missing out on too much by not having a membership.
Although it is a very dress-based collection, I love the non-dress pieces that we have - the tops and bottoms are great and are what I knew I'd buy immediately, particularly the White College Shirt and the High Waist Dubai Pants, right now I'm sure some of you are giving me dubious looks about these trousers, but I kinda love them and look forward to styling them!
^I love the three of these looks so much - gotta be my favourite set of Styled Outftis in a while!
^The looks for this pair of trousers were really just me trying things out, they do have a challenging feel to style, and I think I'm getting there with the middle look - the outer two not so much! So I know this last set will be least liked of this post!

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