Friday, 19 September 2014

N E L L Y | Release Review

So today we had a brand new drop of Nelly! It's been a little while since the last one, so a new collection is always refreshing! I love the advertising for this release, as featured above, it's quite urban and this new "Real Brand" branding is great! We got two floors, so lets take a look at them:
The store has an urban/hip feel to it, which is quite nice, albeit not really my personal style - it does however have a decent range of clothing and accessories which I do think will cover everyone's tastes =) Prices range from 9 to 28 SD's, which I do think is a little overpriced for what the items are - but I think if you just take some time looking over the pieces then you'll be able to stretch your SD's as far as they'll go! The collection still has a more summery feel to it, even though we're now into autumn (and it feels like it in my part of the UK - soooo glad I can still say that after the referendum result, I may live in Scotland, but I'm firmly in the 'No Thanks!' side) There is a good range of tops and bottoms - I love the Kayleigh Collar Top and the Twist It Down Tee, along with the Satin Runner Shorts. Despite the fact that they're summer pieces, I'm determined to get a couple of good autumn looks with all of these pieces!
I was pretty disappointed with the accessories as normally I love a lot of the shoes, but this time I ended up just picking up two pairs which I think will easily slide into my current shoe collection and probably get a decent amount of wear.
I ended up spending over 100SD's and purchasing the items below - I think I made some good choices on which pieces not to buy, and overall I'm pretty happy! If I have time I'll do a Styled Outfits post, however my Masters course has started at it's very full on and I'm tired ALLLLLL the time basically, so we'll have to see^ 

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