Sunday, 6 November 2016

F A L L E N A N G E L | Release Review

This week brought us a brand new release of Fallen Angel right on time for Halloween^ I've been feeling disappointed with the releases as of late so I was quite eager to see how this release would fair - I think it gets a pat on the back from me though, just look at that homepage advert?!?! Let's get in an take a look:
Highlights So we got the usual one floor of release in this Fallen Angel collection, and I have to say that overall this store is pretty good! There's a range of pieces and styles, so even if the store is generally not for you, this specific release could surprise you^
Accessories It's a very small range of accessories with this release, just 4 items to choose from but I think they suit the style of the collection pretty well and sell the overall vibe. I really quite like the Cage Over Knee Boots, they bring a new light to the boots we have in the plaza, with their open toe and length of mesh, definitely a pair to keep an eye on! The other piece which I quite liked was the Black Gem Choker. The colour is a little more deep brown than black, but I really like the tone and how it fits well with my dolls skin tone. It is quite large, so definitely needs a bit of thinking for styling but it's a good piece nevertheless!
Clothing Yes, so a really good range of clothing pieces available in the store, quite a few matching sets but then also pieces which stand out well on their own! So with the sets we have the All Stripes Top and Skirt, High Waisted Polka Dot Pants and Sleeveless Polka Dot Polo, and lastly the Sheer Floral Wide Pants and Halter Blouse. I really like all of these sets, and not just because they're with trousers or a long skirt, but the prints, patterns and/or colourings are new to the current Plaza offerings and very seasonal, totally fitting to this October and November in terms of trends and what I'm feeling like wearing! Both pairs of trousers are my absolute first buys from this release, with wide legs and great fit on the doll what's not to love?! I think they're also greatly versatile pieces and I look forward to keeping them going all year round. Now it wouldn't be a Fallen Angel release without a hefty amount of black clothing included in the release, and I'm quite impressed by the offerings this time. So there's one of the sets in this category, but then also the Victorian High Neck Dress and the Satin Frill Gown in the selection of dresses, both very individual pieces and I like the range of textures they provide, and also quite a few sweaters, the Puff Sleeve Knit, Oversized Heavy Knit Sweater and then the Ribbed Tie Around Polo, which I think is my favourite piece! It's got great shape and overall style with the tight fit and polo neck, but I love the unique waist tie, and I look forward to seeing how people style this one! And there's even a few dusty pink pieces - a surprise for the store, but I quite like their inclusion - so this is the Batwing Blush Body, Lace Detail Swing Dress and the Lace Up Blush Dress which is in a super stylish midi cut, and I think it's my favourite of the three, I'm not sure how I'd style it yet, but it's up there brewing with some ideas in my mind^^ Speaking of midi's, can't forget a great piece in this release, the Brocade Midi Skirt which has a pretty floral pattern in a fantastic modern cutout style, I think it'll definitely become a firm favourite from this release!
Prices The release ranges from 12 to 22SD's which is about right for a collection like this, and I think the items are each priced pretty fairly for what they are.
Styled Outfits Probably as expected, I fell hard for those trousers! Great pieces that I'm super excited to style for you guys =) So I bought both the High Waisted Polka Dot Pants and the Sheer Floral Wide Pants from the store and I love them both already. Firstly the High Waisted Polka Dot Pants which I went a bit classical all black with, but I think it's effective and the lack of other patterning really lets the dots have an effect. Secondly the Sheer Floral Wide Pants which I've gone casual with and I'm actually really pleased with this different style for me, the colours are definitely different, but I like how they work, especially that army green bag with the floral print!
Features I found some awesome features for you guys for this post! First we have marta-43 going with the Cage Over Knee Boots in this stand out look! They are a perfect fit for this outfit with the mesh tee and pinafore layered over the top, a great combination! The black cap fits the style too, but I love the inclusion of the yellow polo underneath^
And then secondly polinapolinka wearing the Brocade Midi Skirt in this rather glamorous styling with glitz and faux fur all in one! The green suits the floral brocade beautifully and keeps up the botanical theme. The accessories are great too, love those jewel earrings and the leopard bag certainly adds something else =)

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