Monday, 9 February 2015

P R E T T Y ' N L O V E | Release Review

Presumably for the upcoming occasion that is Valentine's Day, we have a new Pretty 'n Love release to start our week with! It's been a little while since we've had one of these and usually I find a few things to add to my wardrobe, so I'm excited to get going with this release to check all the pieces out!
So we got one new page of clothing and accessories this release, all themed on pink with quite a 'lovey-dovey' feel to them all! I like the idea really, but for me not all of the pieces translate that greatly in reality. I love the amount of sheer going on, quite a few tops there, and the glam-type knit pieces - it's good to see some of those! But they don't really leap out to me as great pieces to purchase, so I passed on those this time. Also passed on the accessories - don't know if it's just me, but they're a bit lack-lustre this time unfortunately.
Prices ranged from 5 to 17SD's, with most items in the middle range, so not really too bad - just a shame the best item is at the top end! The StarCoin items disappointed me a lot - the Dusty Pink Cami and matching Silk Shorts really didn't hit the mark at all, if someone styled these amazingly then you'll have blown me away!
So, my favourite piece of the collection, which in my opinion is by far the best piece of the collection and worth the small expense - the Chloe Inspired Sweater! It's very much more coat-like than a sweater, but that's just a tiny technicality because it's a GREAT PIECE!!! Loved styling it so much for these looks and I can't wait to make more =D
Managed to get it looking fab with jeans, a dressy (and pretty annoying to style right) skirt, and a pair of loose printed trousers. And I was pretty desperate to make it work with those lips, think I did a decent job on that front!

That's all for now!

Love K xx


  1. Love it, this is one of my favorite pieces as well.

  2. I love the last outfit with the YSL heels!

  3. The new Pretty n`Love might not be spectacular, but I found some really nice clothes for myself - like this coat, sweater cape, transparent bow blouse, palazzo pants and violet top :) And I`m glad it`s not so Valentines themed.
    I love the first look! So chic

  4. I do like the starcoin items! It looks very pyjama style, and there is that current trend right now (well maybe last season, but still looks good) about pyjamas!! And the starcoin shoes look very business style, I like them too :) And those flared pants... Total love! I kind of love this collection! The Chloe coat is perfect ofc

    Anyway, I styled the starcoin items, hope you like it: http://i.imgur.com/Dir7NVS.png

    - mirdith

  5. Love the three outfits ! the Chloe Inspired Sweater is def a must have.