Friday, 20 February 2015

LE | Release Review

^To start with, they really had me at that word - MAXIMINIMALISM, this collection could very well have been made for lovers of the minimal look like me =) Anyway, after seeing the spoilers yesterday, have to say I was very excited for this release - so this morning I promptly upgraded to SS so I'd be sure not to miss out! Also, there were a pair of sunglasses (assuming accidentally) released early (the Sleek BW Sunnies, @ 35/32SD's, these are the "1st Edition" according to the tag now!), and luckily I was able to get a pair when I logged in just after 8 this morning. Plus I've already styled my look with them, which you can see here at Deep Fashion! So enough wittering on, to the review!
So we had a wonderful treat of 4 stuffed floors of LE, including a couple of looks for the male dolls out there! There was a pretty good range, from shoes and bags, along with a few headpieces in the accessories category, and then tops, dresses, skirts and trousers with some great coats thrown into the clothing category!
Accessories, for me anyway, were a little off this time - I thought most of them looked great in the spoilers and I anticipated purchasing a few bags and a couple of pairs of shoes. But in the end I only bought the Glass Heel Platforms (40/36SDs), which were a runaway winner with this collection!
I loved a lot of the clothing, although alike the accessories I didn't buy all the pieces that I thought I would after looking at the spoilers last night. I bought quite a mix of things really, which you'll get to see later on!
Prices range from 35/32 to 185/167SD's (with the 10% off Royalty prices listed second) - which isn't bad, most items are actually under 100SD's with just the bigger, more key items of the collection, being in the mid-100 range. Overall, not that bad for an LE collection I'd say. The hair cost 60/54SD which is a little expensive in my opinion, but it's not that bad a style and I've seen a lot of dolls working it so well so far! The interior is truly amazing, looks a little realistic, but it's still nice and it has definitely been popular - costing 85/77SD's. I bought it, but I'm yet to pop it in my suite and work out how I want to style it or if I just leave it as it is!

So I'll be posting my styled outfits over the weekend like I did with my last LE review post, but something a little bit different before I feature some of my favourite looks that I've seen around the site. I asked the ever fabulous Jack to style a mini-lookbook with some of the pieces that he got from the collection, so an LE inspired 'Styled By You':
And finally onto some features from around the site:

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