Saturday, 14 February 2015

H O T B U Y S | On the ball

I really feel like these February HotBuys have been very on the ball recently and I've really been loving them! Sometimes releases can be quite hit or miss, and I find myself paying no attention to them, but I've purchased the majority of February's HotBuys so far (4 of 5 actually!) which is unusual for me! Wasn't such a fan of the Armani Inspired Dotty Dress, but everything else has been great I think =)
I already styled a couple of looks for the Lace Print Sheer Blouse in my post here and I had so much fun and ease coming up with looks for it, it's a versatile piece that has great potential for outfits! But since then there's been another 3 HotBuys released which I've bought and have decided to style today!
At first I wasn't sure about the Shiny Disco Pants because of the shape, but I love their colour and the texture that they look like they have, so I bought them anyway and popped them on right away to come up with a couple of looks:
Couldn't resist another look with the Chloe Inspired Sweater(other styled outfits here) and I think the colour tone works well with that of the disco pants, also loved getting out this D&G top from the release at the end of last year, glad I could finally use it! Another piece I am glad to finally use is that furry Apres Ski vest, but I think wearing it still needs a little work!
I bought the Gold Luxe Necklace just about right away as well, even though it's not something I would typically go for, but I wanted to give it a try, and the same goes for today's release - the White Ruffle Dress. Even though it is quite pricey, I do quite like it and so far have no regrets about buying it, if you're on a little of a shoe-string budget I'd say it's not the first thing I'd spend my money on though!
Went for two different looks with the necklace, actually both differing from the first look I ended up wearing it with, but I'm still happy with them none the less! Love it with the slightly more edgy look, but it does also fit into a more done-up feminine style too.
The dress completely speaks for itself and hardly needs styling at all - I ended up just wearing simple heels and choosing a stand out lip colour. Speaking of lip colour, I used 3 different ones in this post, I'm pretty impressed with myself for that haha!

So I'm very much looking forward to the rest of February's Hotbuys because if the first half are anything to go on, I think they're set to be a winner in my books =D x

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  1. I love the second look of the first photo! (: 5/5