Thursday, 5 February 2015

C A R N I V A L O F F E R | What you could buy

Earlier today Staroll introduced us to a new Plaza offer - spend 100, 200 or 300SD's in the StarPlaza and get these free Carnival-related gifts! T&C's are that spending is before the 11th of February, so there's plenty of time to make decisions if you decide you'd like to go for one (or more!) of these free items!
I will start by saying that 300SD's is a pretty large sum of money, so I can't see everyone aiming for it, or maybe even the 100SD mark - it's a pretty high start point! Personally I'm only a fan of the hair, so I might try and aim for 300, but it would be good to see it on some dolls first before I start throwing my SD's towards the till points in the Plaza =D

So - what could you buy to up your spending?

Well the Tommy Hilfiger Tribute is departing the Plaza on Sunday, so there's just a few days to buy any pieces you might want - you can check out my review here.

If it's new releases you're after, then Riviera has had a new drop this week with a whole floor especially for the Carnival theme!
There are some kinda out there pieces that I think could be tricky to incorporate into an everyday wardrobe, but some of the accessories could work a lot of different looks and styles - my top picks include Macrame Shoulder Bag, the Luxe Straw Tote and the Full Of Love Scarf =)

Or there's the Hotbuys - right now the Hot Buys Lace Print Sheer Blouse has been released at 14SD's, and it's a pretty piece which I can see a lot of dolls working well, I've given it a go below. And if you can wait another few days there's a pretty Hot Buys necklace coming out on the 10th too^
I loved styling these looks with the top and am looking forward to working it into more looks hopefully soon - it was definitely a good purchase I'm thinking =)

So that's just a little start for you guys to think about if you want that cute hair but maybe are unsure where to start! There's still a little while left for the offer so there could easily be some new collections released or maybe even time for another of these posts, with a little more detail if that's something you'd be interested in - let me know =D 

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