Sunday, 23 February 2014

One, two, three... start!

Hello everyone, 

My name is Sara and I am the new guest writer of Kirsten's blog. Finally, I have decided to write my first post. At the beginning, I think you ought to know that I have created my account on stardoll in 2006 (when I was 15). I remember that stardoll looked completely different then. Now, despite my age, I returned after a long break and I love it! For me it is a perfect place where I can create and express myself through clothing and interior decorating.  
My outfit today, is simple and consists of only 4 pieces. (still I have to somehow figure out how to modify pictures in such a way that they were more attractive in the perception). So please, be understanding towards me (and also sorry for my English, I hope that everything is understable for you).
I would like to thank Kristen for inviting me to write for her blog!
Faux Fur Coat Dress - Fallen Angel
YSL Leopard Glasses - Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
Chanel Chains Handbag - Chanel Tribute
Iris Shoes - Nelly

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


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