Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Valentino Tribute

*Well hey! Presentation done, just the report to go, but I'm so exhausted after yesterday, I think I can chill a bit today - so blogging =) Will get around to posting about everything but it might take some time!*

So Valentino Tribute was released last week (might have been the week before? Not very good with keeping up!) and I have to say I'm reasonably impressed!
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I like the overall collection really, but there are a lot of pieces I'm just not interested in - I did find 300 SD's of pieces I was interested in though! There are several very much more formal pieces, but a lot of items which could really easily be dressed down. I think the cherry for me are the accessories - I am really loving the shoes and bags of this collection, and it really makes me smile as usually the accessories have been a little disappointing with the Tribute collections.
Prices ranged from 12 SD's for bracelets to 60 SD's for a dress, although most pieces range from about 20-40 SD's. I do think it's a little on the pricey side, like the Chanel this season - so I think this is becoming some sort of a trend with the Tribute stores. The more expensive pieces are those fabulous gowns though, which have been really well designed, and I would call them true designer pieces on Stardoll, so I think if you really want them, they would be worth it. Buying to sell on? I'd say probably no for these pieces. The only one I bought was the white one on the second floor (of the 5 I'd deem as "gowns", you can probably guess which they are) - and I'm pleased that I decided to buy it, I don't regret paying 46 SD's for it. 

I've got a post in production with some looks from myself and a few other members around Stardoll, so look out for that one soon^^

Love K xxx

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