Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Chanel Tribute

Earlier this week the eagerly anticipated Chanel Tribute store was released! 
Stardoll treated us to two whole floors packed with a whole variety of clothing items and accessories. Even from just seeing the spoilers last week I knew this was going to be a pretty good collection - there's a variety of styles and all the pieces look pretty well made, Stardoll are definitely making an effort! But I did predict it would be a pricey collection, and that it was! More so than I thought it would be, I was guessing an upper range of about 45SD's, but prices ranged from 16-64SD's, with most pieces coming in around 30SD's. When I did my first browse and added all the pieces I was thinking about buying, the total price was just over 800SD's, and that wasn't even half of the pieces from the store! Don't worry, I didn't buy quite that much, I cut it down to about 400SD's, which I do see as a bit expensive, but I'm really pleased with the choices I made and I bought them as pieces to keep, I'm not someone who buys to sell at a later point.
So far on my very quick browse of suites (I've been at uni more than I've been in my flat this week unfortunately!), people have been incredibly taken by the collection and have been snapping up pieces left, right and centre! 

I did actually write this post the day after the store was released and I planned on adding some outfits with the pieces I bought - I just haven't had time to do that yet, I'm incredibly busy and stressed with my uni work, after Monday I should have a tad more time as that's when the big presentation is, but I do still have some work to do after that. 

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