Hey hey hey!

Welcome to the A B O U T page of the blog.

The Stardoll Lookbook was founded in the summer of 2011 by myself - you'll either know me as Kirsten, or sparklewand12 - and I do the majority of the posting here on the blog.

Key parts of the blog include:

The ever ongoing F E A T U R E S which are approaching their 1000 post mark, and basically do what they say, feature great style of members of the Stardoll world!

The always rather excessive C H A L L E N G E S, which involve me trying to complete aims, sometimes which seem impossible, including wearing everything in my Stardoll closet just once until I've worn every item (yep, done that!).

I also post R E V I E W S from Plaza releases and a typically include my (fairly popular) S T Y L E D O U T F I T S and also includes L I N K S T O I T E M S - you don't have to search the plaza if I mention an item that can be bought, you can click on the link in post and wham, there it is in your own Plaza for you to try immediately!