Saturday, 21 January 2017

B I Z O U | Release Review

It feels like ages since our last Bizou release, so I'm happy that we got a new one this week - and even from the homepage ad, I think it looks good! I like seeing more real Stardoll users get featured in these rather than the usual models, it definitely helps make the collection seem a lot more 'real' =D
Highlights There's not a clear theme in this new floor of clothing, but I do feel a winter-style from a lot of the pieces, which I like because I'm all about seasonality on Stardoll^ There are a good range of items and styles of prints and designs and I think people will easily find something to suit them!
Accessories There is a small range of accessories, although shoes do have most of the focus with three pairs to choose from - I particularly like the Silk Bow Slippers and I think they will easily be a popular piece from the release. The two pairs of heels, the SJP Inspired Disco Heels and Velvet Toe Around Platforms, are alright, but I don't feel like they have any wow-factor or have anything special that other pairs in the Plaza don't have unfortunately. The bag on offer, the Marsala Side Fringe Tote, is in coins and also a beautiful colour which I think will really help people to give this one a go - I for one can't wait to style this one in my challenge posts^ And there's also the Patent Leather Buckle Belt, another piece which I think will be popular due to the awesome silver circular buckle =) 
Clothing Red dresses are a pretty popular piece with two different ones in the store. Personally I love the Silk Slip Dress over the Bizou Red Dress. Although the later has great long sleeves and a polo-neckline, I just think the slip dress suits my doll more and has a fab midi length. It also reminds me a little of the November HB Slinky Dress and I really like wearing that one, so a red one should work out well! Another, sort of more glamorous piece would be the Sequin Loose Pants which I adore with great shape and fantastic blue colour, and I think they do have a reasonable level of wearability. The store offers a few choices for florals and prints, firstly the Folklore Half Tuck Shirt which I think is just awesome, combining sweet spring florals with a great design-piece that I think people will really go for, and secondly the co-ord set Mustard Paisley Top and Midi Skirt which I think have good designs but I'm not so sure about the print design and colours on my own doll. The rest of the pieces have quite a casual orientation, which will make a lot of them appeal to a lot of different people. There's the Loose Knit Breton Sweater, slogan tees with the Bizou Sequin Tshirt and Jaime Melange Tshirt, and also outerwear pieces with the Chunky Oversized Poncho and the rather awesome looking Faux Fur Denim Coat with great length and colourings. Two of my favourite clothing pieces though have to be the Silk Cold Shoulder Top, good colour, fit and design, and the Loose Fit Aubergine Pants, a piece I wasn't sure would suit me until I put them on and loved them! They too have a good fit and design and I really think they could be worked into some interesting outfits =)
Prices The release ranges from 9 to 23SD's and there are a couple of pieces in SC's in the store as well, and nothing is SS or Royalty only. This is just about on par with the last few releases from the store, so no complaints in this area.
Styled Outfits I styled my two favourite items today for my Styled Outfits, the Loose Fit Aubergine Pants in this dressed up sporty style which I just wish I could have found the right bright colour to add to give a pop, and then the Silk Cold Shoulder Top which is so versatile - I found several pieces just in the first few pages of my wardrobe which would have worked well with this item and I really look forward to exploring looks with them^
Features I saw a really good range of the pieces styled, which I think is great for this review post! First up is GossipGirlSBC going with the Folklore Half Tuck Shirt in this minimal but perfect styling pairing the piece with these light highwaisted jeans in this great spring style. Really like the use of the darker shoes too, totally working out =D
Secondly pandaribbon (whose account is now called kat) wearing the Sequin Loose Pants in this rather fabulous smart styling pairing them with yellow accents! A great combination which works well for both the sequins and the yellow pieces, that bag and those shoes definitely stand out too^
Next up a perfect winter look from Marta-43 who has worn the Burgundy Pinstripe Scarf in this look. It's not a piece I'd really go for myself but I think it suits this style very well, especially like the use of all the draped pieces to put the look together =)
And last but not least, with an accessory focus, is rob_in wearing both the Silk Bow Slippers and Patent Leather Buckle Belt just how I imagined they'd be styled^ They work perfectly in this all black styling, especially with the cropped trousers and the almost matching buckle on the bag, great great great =D

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