Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Giambattista Valli Couture Tribute Review

Today the new Giambattista Valli Couture Tribute was released, and I think Stardoll definitely blew the socks off everyone with it! (especially after what people have been saying about Stardoll relating to the recent releases) On with my review =D

The store has 2 floors filled with a fabulous selection of couture pieces, mainly dresses, but also including skirts, tops and trousers, along with accessories of course!
The clothes are most definitely beautiful and they fill a gap in the market right now in the plaza as we really haven't got things like this currently for sale. I don't think the pieces will be for everyone as not everyone wears a dressed-up style regularly, but it's good to have a few one-off pieces in your closet to whip out every now and then! They will also come in very handy for the dress codes of this weekends TTT Fashion Weekend! As it's Couture rather than the regular Tributes we see, I very much expected the prices to be higher, which really reflects in the quality as well, as I definitely think a lot of time went into the making of these items. Prices range from 10SD's for a belt to 38SD's for a dress - with a range of prices in between these amounts, for example the shoe prices are all in the teens, which I think is pretty reasonable. Though I know a lot of people will not be pleased with the prices, I think they should have been expected, and personally I feel the higher priced items are worth that much, for example the Sequin Valli Gown (black one on 2nd floor) is 32SD's and I really think it's priced right - it's my favourite piece from the collection, so I'm really not bothered by the price I had to pay to own it =P
So far I've bought about 8 or so pieces and although it was an expensive purchase, I'm happy with the items I got:
These are the clothing pieces I bought from the collection, I also got a few pairs of shoes and a belt =) I am looking forward to styling the pieces later on, and I think I will try and do a post styling the different pieces from both this Tribute and the Chanel tribute, as although I've worn several of the pieces from that store, I haven't shown any of them here! I'll also post a Wearing Valli post later with some fab looks I've found featuring clothes from the store =D That should be later today or tomorrow.

So, opinions on the new store? Let me know in the comments below!

Love K xxx

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