Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Anna Sui Tribute Review

So earlier today the second Tribute store of the season was released, and it was Anna Sui!
Overall I think the collection is presented well and I think it represents the Anna Sui Spring 2012 line and her whole brand pretty well.
As a whole, I don't think the collection will suit everyone, and I think there are some pieces that very few people will buy - for me it will be the ones which the patterns have been less well made.
But Stardoll have definitely put a lot of effort into this collection - there are more than 10 pairs of shoes and numerous pairs of socks and stockings which each have their own kooky pattern. Keeping with accessories there are quite a few bags in different styles, I think they are quite nice, but I'm not sure if I want to buy them just yet. I also love the array of headpieces, my favourite being the Sun Hat, but there are so many headbands and accessories to choose from - there will definitely be something for everyone! There are also a variety of necklaces and bracelets, and a very nice collar - which I knew I had to have right away!
 I also knew I had to have the butterfly stockings straight away too - they were one of the items I'd seen in the collection before Stardoll released the store that I thought I'd love!
These are just a few of the pieces I bought, and I have to say I bought more accessories and shoes than clothing items as I think, for me anyway, they go well with items I have, and I think some of the clothes could be hard to wear well without having the full outfit. 
I have heard from some people that they were disappointed with the store because they say that Stardoll didn't stick to the original designs enough, I think I would definitely have to disagree as I think the resemblance of items is as good as the other Tribute stores which have been released.
Overall I am happy with the store, I mean not everything is in my style, but there is something to suite everyone there.

I'm definitely excited to see some Anna Sui looks around Stardoll to feature!

Love K xxx


  1. where are the butterfly stockings? can't find them,

    1. You have to get them by Search, they're under shoes =)

  2. those stockings ARE amazing X] I didn't see those, thanks for telling us...or else i would have never gotten them :P

  3. I can't find them! :O What did you put in the search?

    1. If you had read my last comment, you would know!