Friday, 1 June 2012

Platform Courts

Feature Item: Silver Shimmer Heels, Pretty In Love, 5SD's
It's maybe not so much the specific item that I want to focus on with this post, but more the style of them. For me these have been long awaited for in the StarPlaza - and they fill the gap nicely! It's their platform heel on the front of the shoe that I have been obsessed with recently and I'm so glad a pair have been created on Stardoll! 
One of my favourite bloggers has been wearing these style of shoes in her posts and I've practically been drooling over them!
In RL there are sooo many great pairs for you to get your hands on:
Just Anna Shoes
But there's just the one pair you can get on Stardoll, and they're not even that pricey which is a great plus side! 
They are also super versatile, I'm currently wearing my pair with a cute LV inspired Dress(also Pretty In Love), but they would look amazing with a variety of trousers, shorts and skirts.
I also love that they are silver which has been my big style crush on Stardoll recently, on my looks blog(here) I've posted several recently with the main focus on silver, as you can see from the two below, I really love the silver platforms and LE clam shell bag combination, but now I can't wait to try these platform courts with some of my other silver accessories!

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