Sunday, 10 June 2012

Media Partners

Heya, so we are still looking for Media Partners, you can apply at the tabs above and also see who our current Media Partners are. 
I'm also introducing our two newest Media Partners:

SD Model News is my own blog which keeps you up to date on modelling opportunities and who the models are around Stardoll. Several magazine and fashion line owners have commented saying it's good to take a look at models they can use, they say it saves them searching for hours around Stardoll!

 My Looks and Style is also my own blog which is replacing What I Wore On Stardoll - to be honest it's fairly self explanatory, but please do check it out to see how I've portrayed my looks and outfits =)

The Stardoll Closet is a new Stardoll fashion blog from hollyoaksrocks*(which I am also a writer for), it's just started and already has a raffle going, so follow to take part! It's pretty much all about fashion on Stardoll and will feature a variety of different writers with different writing styles.

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