Monday, 21 May 2012


So this morning new Riviera was released! I think it was well overdue, and the new items bring a fresh style and vibe to the store.
They've gone for bright and neon colours with the store, so it's very on-trend, I also like the shapes of the swimwear, the designers have been adventurous with some of them, definitely a good risk as it really has paid off and given the items an edgy look to them - which will attract all different types of Stardoll buyers.
I selected a few items to buy after looking over each floor just once, and I found that I bought mainly accessories more than swimwear:
I'm having a big silver love right now, and so the silver drop earrings were perfect for me - they also only cost 42StarCoins! The shape is also modern and would suit a high-fashion doll well.
As I already said, neon is a big thing right now, so I knew this would be a good time to stock up on some key pieces, the very first thing I set eyes on was the printed bag - it has used both yellow and green along with leopard print. Green isn't my favourite colour to wear, but I do love yellow! The bag also has a nice shape, and does seem pretty versatile - plus it was only 62StarCoins! 
The next neon piece my eyes were drawn to were the shoes, which pull in 3 trends - neon, perspex and the very popular toe cap, which has been seen all over the runways.
Giambattista Valli
Louis Vuitton
These shoes perfectly encapture all 3 trends well, plus they're pink! They're definitely one of my top buys from the store as a whole, and they only cost you 5StarDollars, which may seem steep compared to the other accessories I've discussed(which are in StarCoins), but it really is a small price to pay for these trendy shoes. I really can't wait to style them into one of my daily looks(here)!
The two sets of bangles were a no-brianer for me, they're cheap(at 41-43StarCoins), trendy, and will suit all styles. I think they'll be easy to style and will help to finish off an outfit quickly if you have little time to create your look.
The final item I bought was the Flor Deep Front Swimsuit at 14StarDollars. I think I liked it due to its unconventional-ness as a swimsuit! It's a more fashion item than something you'd wear in the pool, but still, it's a nice piece. It's quite low cut, so you might need to wear a bikini top or some sort of bra under it, which could look really nice if you chose the right one. The pattern on the swimsuit is fresh and modern, I think it shows the sports-luxe trend well, and the belt goes with it very nicely without detracting from the swimsuit as a whole. It may also look nice with a skirt ontop, which could give a really nice casual city look, or a more formal look - example can be seen below.
Look One - Casual
Look Two - Formal
There are a lot more great pieces in the new collection, so for now I'm off to check out which other items there are that my doll needs in her wardrobe!
Love K xxx

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