Saturday, 16 May 2015

P P Q S P A C E S A F A R I | Release Review

Missed me? I certainly have! I didn't mean to stop posting altogether, but I had an important deadline at the end of April so I was working towards that and then I just needed a little break from everything - but I'm back, and what better way than with a Release Review =D
The advert on the home page is very reminiscent of the last release I think with the photos of the collection. I quite like this particularly in that it shows us how to style the Runway Hair Glitter - something I looked at in the store and went ... huh? It doesn't work for my doll, but I'm glad to see it does for those in the advert^ And it's only 4SD's, think it could be a popular piece! Anyways, on with the review of the store =)
Anyone who has followed this blog for a long time will know I love white clothing, I'm been through phases of only wearing it and in March 2013 I even did a week long challenge to not wear white! But anyway, this collection is right up my street and I was very excited to start trying things on! So excluding the hair glitter, the accessories are pretty decent, the shoes stand out a lot to me, I love both the Faux Snakeskin Stilettos and the Embellished Pumps and I think the prices are very good too. In the early PPQ collections the shoes have been a bit too much and maybe a bit garish for me, so this is a great improvement!
There are definitely some gems amongst the clothing available (i.e the Sleeveless White Turtleneck) but I also see that not everything will be for everyone - despite my love of white clothing, I did only end up buying a couple of pieces as a lot of things wouldn't work with other clothes I wear or are similar to things I own - I'd love to be shown otherwise though, it'd be great to see someone styling any of these dresses in an amazing everyday chic look!
Prices for the collection ranged from 4 to 25SD's, which is good for a collection like this, with accessories at the lower end and the more stand-out pieces at the top end. I think everyone would easily find something to fit into their price bracket.
So I've done a couple of stylings of the items I bought, however I think these pieces are that versatile that there's hundreds of ways to wear them! <I also bought the Sleeveless White Turtleneck however haven't styled it in this post, maybe an opportunity for later!>
I loved these trousers with blue it would seem! But I think my favourite of the three is the last one - the top and vest combination just kinda worked when I put them together, I'm wearing it *here* right now so you can find out where each piece is from if you're interested in anything =D
And finally for the features, I saw so many great looks with this collection, and here's 6 of them!


  1. I like this release a lot! Especially the white pants, were about to post my look with them here but maybe there's enough of them already haha ;D

  2. If it weren't for the review I wouldn't have notice the sleeveless white turtleneck! Gosh How come I haven't seen this gorgeous piece before!! *-*

  3. Thank you for featuring me :O All the other outfits are amazing !