Sunday, 23 November 2014

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

Brand new floor of designer gear in SubCouture for us this weekend! I'm pleasantly delighted that it's neither limited nor for SS members only, it's great that we can all get in on these designer-inspired pieces!
This release is Philipp Plein and Burberry inspired, and in my opinion it really is aimed at a specific market on Stardoll - I just don't really fit into it myself! I feel like we've been seeing quite a lot of grunge in the more special releases on Stardoll in the past few years, and for me it is starting to get a little old, but hey, that's just me! 
This collection did have a good range of clothing and accessories, and I did find myself picking up a few of the lesser grunge-styled pieces from the collection - the Tin Bow Dress, for example, I bought and have seen rather a lot of dolls styling it these past couple of days, it's clearly a winner! The bags are pretty versatile with a great range of shapes available - I personally can see the Tough Love Tote a popular choice with it's oversized style, studs and leopard print, and it's price at 18SD's (pretty average for a limited time collection). However for me the most popular piece of the collection would have to be the Chunky Necklace, which is a great bargain at 10SD's - it's versatile, so not only does it fit well with most pieces from this collection, it will easily slip into my wardrobe which is quite the opposite of what we're seeing in this store! 
Overall, a pretty average release - for me, I think the idea of SubCouture is great, but I think the collections could be a little better!

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